After trading down 20 slots from 67 to 87 in the third round of the draft late Friday, the Browns tabbed University of Cincinnati DL John Hughes. Here are the question and answers from the Gahanna product’s teleconference:

Q) Can you describe what kind of player you are?

A) “I’m more of a run guy. You know, use my hands well and get my blocks. That’s my strong suit.”

Q) Browns said they were thinking of getting you earlier and were happy you lasted until No. 87. Had they been in contact with you at all?

A) “Yeah, I’ve been in contact with them the last couple weeks and they were actually the first team I visited during this whole process.”

Q) Where did you think you might get drafted?

A) “I really had no idea. I didn’t have a good idea of where they were going. But I thought Browns for sure, the Saints, maybe the Bears. There were a lot of teams out there.”

Q) What about round-wise? I’d this where you thought you’d go?

A) “Honestly, I thought…I told my family to come over tomorrow morning to watch the draft. So, I was thinking more fourth round.”

Q) Do you pay attention to any of the draft books and the scouting reports they give on you?

A) “I mean, yeah, I do kind of. But I don’t let it effect me.”

Q) So, now what about tomorrow morning? No party?

A) “My family’s still gonna come over and have a nice little cookout or something here.”