M.A. Ferguson-Rich
Ohio.com correspondent

The Board of Education is set to consider two resolutions at its meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in the high school media center.

The first resolution, if approved, will launch the Building Entrance Security Program. It authorizes the district's business manager, Derek Cluse, to find a design and building contractor, without going through the competitive bidding process.

This is permitted under Ohio law, according to the resolution, when "the primary purpose is to secure and protect the facility."

The project will create new, security-enhanced entrances for the main doors and auditorium entrances at the high school, the main and natatorium entrances at East Woods Elementary and the main entrances at McDowell and Evamere elementary schools.

The resolution indicates that both the contractor and the contract are subject to the board's final approval.

A second resolution on the agenda is for a comprehensive update for student and operational information systems.

An innovation think tank, composed of school personnel and community members, has recommended entering into an agreement with Sungard Public Sector, Inc.

Sungard will provide software, support, maintenance and service for the system, for the next three years. The first year's contract price is $269,095, the second and third years will each cost $118,272.