WADSWORTH: A Texas-based company has won approval from Wadsworth to run a fiber-optic cable used in seismic testing for natural gas drilling.

The permit was secured by Nicholson Land Services on behalf of Tidelands Geophysical Co.

No seismic testing will be conducted in the city, but running the line through Wadsworth will allow testing in Wadsworth Township.

The above-ground cable will be laid between July 15 and Sept. 15, depending on the weather. The cable will be in place at least three days but not longer than two weeks in road rights-of-way. It then will be removed.

The testing proceeds at about five miles a day.

The cable, the size of a cable television line, will extend down state Route 94 from Wadsworth’s northern city limits to Seville Road. Downtown, the cable will be extended down King, Pardee and Mills streets.

There is no electricity in the cable, and it can be driven over and walked over. The cable will be taped down where it crosses driveways.

The company plans to have troubleshooting crews monitoring the line at all times and any breaks will show up in Nicholson’s control room.

The Ohio Department of Transportation also approved the seismographic survey, the purpose of which is to map the subsurface for natural gas and oil industries.

The company is working on seismographic surveys of much of eastern Ohio, spokesman Mike Martin said.

For information, contact Martin at 903-530-8009 or mikem@nicholsonland.com.