(Image courtesy of Cedar Point))

Cedar Point’s Soak City water park will get a complete makeover and a new name for the 2017 season.

The historic Hotel Breakers is also set to expand to become one of the biggest lakefront hotels on the Great Lakes.

The park announced Thursday that it is renaming the separate-admission, 18-acre park Cedar Point Shores Water Park.

Cedar Point Shores will feature three new water attractions, new food and merchandise venues and a nod to the park’s shoreline location.

The new thrill attraction at the water park is the Point Plummet where riders will climb up six stories to reach four aqua-drop body slides.

The floor will literally drop below the riders feet sending them through a series of loops and curves.

Also located atop the Point Plummet will be the Starboard Surge and Portside Plunge slides where one or two riders can plunge through an enclosed tunnel.

The park is also adding a new area called Lakeslide Landing with 12 kid-size water slides surrounded by a zero-depth entry pool.

Park spokesman Tony Clark said all the existing attractions in the water park will be renamed and spruced up for next season.

A new eatery the Crystal Rock Café that will offer a more ambitious menu including fresh-baked flat breads and fresh-breaded chicken is also being added.

The water park will have a new entrance, new family changing and shower area and unobstructed views of Lake Erie.

The park is also renaming its Breakers Express hotel to the Cedar Point Express Hotel and will add 69 new rooms. The hotel will have a new splash pad and an outdoor courtyard.

Work has already started on the hotel project set to be ready by the next season.

Cedar Point also announced a major addition to Hotel Breakers, which was renovated in 2015.

An additional six-story tower will add 158 guest rooms with many of them configured as connecting family suites.

A new outdoor pool area will also be added to the Breakers property.

The Breakers addition will not be complete until the summer of 2018.

With the expansion, the Breakers will have a total of 669 rooms.

“There’s so much more to Cedar Point than most realize,” said Cedar Point General Manager Jason McClure. “No other amusement park can claim a mile-long beach and fresh water lake just steps away from the largest collection of rides on Earth.”

McClure said other improvements include working on redundancies for the park’s utilities.

A major storm knocked out power to the resort this year and a water main forced it to close early and shutter its hotels for the night.

McClure said a new water tower is being constructed that will have a large enough capacity to keep at least the amusement park and the hotels open should there be a future break in the water lines leading to the park.

The Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center will makes its debut in 2017.

Located about three miles from Cedar Point, but in view of the park’s roller coasters, the youth sporting complex features multiple fields for soccer, baseball and lacrosse.

(Image courtesy of Cedar Point))