Beau Dusz

WADSWORTH: The city’s Planning Commission this week approved a request by the Restored Church of God to have most of Ambassador Drive declared a gated private roadway.

Ambassador Drive was planned to be a link between Hartman Road and Akron Road, but the Restored Church of God is expected to purchase most of the land accessed by that roadway.

The church has built its world headquarters at that location and is constructing another building to serve as a printing facility.

Also during the planners’ meeting Monday, the church withdrew a request to build residential dwellings on the property to be leased to church executives. The proposal will be brought back at a later date.

Safety Director Matt Hiscock has developed a policy to govern private streets, which the Safety Committee is expected to discuss at its December meeting.

That proposed policy requires gates for private streets to be approved by the service director after review by the Planning and Engineering departments. The gates also would have to be approved by the safety director after review by the Fire Inspection Bureau and the police chief.

Other regulations for gates in the proposal include a turnaround at the entrance, a maximum height of 8 feet, an approved color, reflective material on the approaching lane of travel, lighting, a manual override, a secondary access and a lock box for safety forces to use in an emergency.

The Public Ways Committee and the City Council previously reviewed privatizing the roadway before it received commission approval.