George W. Davis correspondent

GREEN: Changes in Civil Service Commission rules, merit raises and salary ranges for non-bargaining city employees will be voted on by City Council tonight.

Council learned that the CSC rules haven't been updated since 2006, and that the three-member commission has worked on changes over the past two years.

One of the proposed changes is awarding a maximum of seven bonus points instead of 10 to those who apply for entry-level positions. Current city employees, including seasonal workers who have worked the previous two years from the examination date, would earn two points, as would residents living in the city for two continuous years prior to the exam date.

Honorably discharged military personnel would receive three points, the commission noted.

As for promotions, the mayor would make the appointment for those who the commission believes are qualified, rather than just taking the person with the top score.

Human Resources manager Jeanne Greco said merit raises for non-bargaining unit personnel will be determined by individual department heads with approval by Mayor Dick Norton.

The money will come from a $47,171 pool and will be retroactive to Jan. 1.

There are 27 staff members eligible for raises, Greco said. She added that some could be granted more than a three percent increase at the discretion of each director.

She said she surveyed other communities similar to Green and found that raises ranged from zero to three percent. She also noted that a similar survey showed that salary ranges should be increased by eight percent to remain competitive with other communities.

Greco added that she believes the city needs to hire applicants at the mid-point rather than the minimum range to compete with other cities to get good employees and also to keep good employees from going elsewhere.