David Paulk
Ohio.com correspondent

COPLEY: Admirers of the students of the month filled the Copley-Fairlawn Board of Education meeting last Tuesday night.

Each school within the district presented its shining star at the meeting. Among those winners were a chef, a math whiz and a rock enthusiast. 

For Abbey Woodward it was a shocking evening. She said she never expected to be nominated for student of the month. But the Copley High School junior is well aware of where she wants to go in life. Woodward wants to become a chef.

She’s trying to reach her goals as a member of the Chef Preparation Program. Woodward said the program teaches kids how to prepare for life as chef and she’s glad to embrace those skills, since they will help her with her future plans.

“My cooking is number one right now,” Woodward said. “And I plan to do that in my future by opening a restaurant.”

Woodward said she’s interested in becoming a chef because she enjoys cooking and because she believes it’s a secure job market.

“It’s always going to be in service, “said Woodward, who is also a vegetarian.  “You‘re always have a job.”

She said she also wants to explore the fashion industry, but her passion is still the culinary arts.  She hopes to hone her cooking skills at the University of Akron.

Copley-Middle School student John “Jack” Dawson was elated when he found out about his nomination. It meant he was finally on his sister’s level.

“I’m very happy that I was nominated,” Dawson said.  “I’ve been pretty jealous my sister was nominated when I was younger.”

Dawson is a straight A-student and plays soccer.  He is also a big fan of math. He said he enjoys math because it is the most challenging subject.

“I have to really work and think through everything,” he said.

Unlike Dawson, Arrowhead Primary School student Natalia Rodriguez is more of science enthusiast.  She said she enjoys the subject because she likes completing experiments.  She said her teacher’s demonstration of acid rain’s impact on rocks and minerals caught her attention.

Her advice to her fellow classmates was, “to work hard in class and always be good.”

Athlete of the Month for October was Anna Haverchak from Copley High School. The soccer player has been playing the sport since she was 4 years old.

The senior plans on attending the University of Cincinnati on a soccer scholarship. Balancing school and soccer was no easy task for Haverchak, but she has a system she said works pretty well.

“I pretty much train for soccer every single day,” Haverchak said.  “So I would do that right after school and blow off all the steam so I could relax and get down to doing my homework.”

Other students of the month included Caleb Laurich (Fort Island Primary School) Dylan Haywood (Herberich Primary School) Aidan Eck (Fort Island Primary School).