Ohio.com staff

The city is working on a plan to better connect schools and neighborhoods by prioritizing trails and sidewalks in the coming year, reports the Hudson Hub Times.

Council is slated to vote in the future on a connectivity plan introduced on Dec. 10, which would include 52 sidewalk and trail projects.

The map included with the proposal shows lines where proposed connections would be made, though council members note that plans may change when engineers examine the sites.

Darrow Road was ranked first in order of importance out of the 52 proposed projects. Project costs are assessed by linear foot. The area from Brandywine Drive to Valley View Road, about 1,000 feet, is eligible for federal funds, which would provide about $120,000 of the total $190,693 cost. 

The city plans to focus their efforts on the top 20 projects on the list, and consider funding options in February.

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