Gina Mace

CUYAHOGA FALLS: A Falls city councilwoman who said she would take the issue of Natatorium rates before the council has decided to wait.

Diana Colavecchio said she is not happy that the Falls Parks and Recreation Board voted to leave the rates as they are rather than change them to include a rate for same sex couples.

The rates became an issue when Shane and Coty May, who were married in October in Washington, asked to switch their individual passes to a married couple pass and were denied.

An online petition drive asking the Natatorium to recognize same-sex marriage had form letters flooding the email boxes of Falls officials.

During last month’s parks board meeting, Colavecchio said she would ask the council to consider taking over the board’s authority to set rates. She also wanted to form a committee to take a look at the rates.

After a nearly four-hour meeting last week with Parks and Recreation Superintendent Bill Lohan to go over the Natatorium’s 100 rate plans, she decided she may be “putting the cart before the horse.”

Colavecchio and Councilwoman Carrie Hummel Snyder met with Lohan after Monday night’s council meeting to once again discuss the issue.

“People have been very patient, waiting to hear what’s going to happen,” she said. “It’s premature to say we’re going to form a committee without first researching the rates.”