A guidance counselor at Cuyahoga Falls High School has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into her behavior involving a student.

The counselor, who is not being named because charges have not been filed, was placed on paid leave on Jan. 9 while officials investigate allegations that she “engaged in conduct unbecoming a teacher during the 2015-2016 school year,” according to a letter from the district in her personnel file.

Officials are also investigating the allegation that she “revealed confidential student information to a third party without consent to do so.”

Superintendent Todd Nichols said the investigation is both internal and external. He would not elaborate on who is conducting the investigation.

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department said it is not involved.

Nichols would not give details about the allegations, either, saying the investigation is ongoing.

“[January] is when we had enough information to conduct an investigation,” Nichols said. “We were not aware of it in 2015 … we didn’t wait.”

Nichols would not say when the district initially learned about the allegations.

The Beacon Journal learned of the allegations earlier this month through an email sent from an anonymous source and then confirmed the allegations through a public records request of the counselor’s personnel file.

The counselor, 36, was hired by the district in 2006. She worked in special education at Bolich Middle School until 2015, when she became a guidance counselor at the high school.

She did not respond to attempts to contact her by email and telephone.

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