I thought I would share with you the results of my survey question on what our intentions are as of right now, as we lace up our shoes and start training. On June 24, will we be walking or running? Will we be aiming for the 1 mile or the 8k? I'm not surprised that many of you hesitated on your answer.

Every morning I wake up determined to run the 8k in 11 weeks. When I see how winded I am after running a quarter mile, I go to sleep resigned to walking that distance.

Then in my dreams, my dad comes to me. He reminds me of how he and I, on a whim back in the 1980s, decided we were going to see what it was like to jog. We couldn't even make it around the block. When we arrived back home a few minutes later, my mom greeted us from the doorway, shaking her head at our silliness. We dramatically fell onto the lawn gasping for air. By the end of that summer, we were running 5 miles non-stop, padding on the sidewalks through the east side of Barberton, whisking down to Lake Anna for a trip around the lower sidewalk, returning home past my old elementary school and that stoic Indian statue on Wooster Road.

I wake up again, the memory fresh and my resolve strengthened. Maybe that little story will give you hope, too.

Not everyone answered the question,but of those who did, here's where we stand as we arrive at Firestone Park this morning for our first group outing...

The National Interstate 1 Mile on June 24

16 plan to walk it
13 plan to run it
3 expect to alternate walking and running

The National Interstate 8k on June 24

23 plan to walk it
11 plan to run it
7 plan to alternate walking and running

Oh, and a little housekeeping matter: My survey included the question of whether you intended to walk or run the half marathon or marathon in September. I can tell from your responses that I worded that question poorly. I know most of us will be running the relay, with legs as small as 3.5 miles. I was attempting to find out how many others envisioned doing the full or half marathon by the fall. So I don't have an accurate count on that to share with you. I'll ask again in a later survey. It will be fun to know!

- Paula