David Paulk
Ohio.com correspondent

FAIRLAWN: A group of fireman participated in a training exercise in Norton on Saturday.

According to Fire Chief Russell Hose, who mentioned it at Monday night’s city council meeting, the training was a collaborative effort between Barberton, Copley, Fairlawn and Norton. The city of Norton invited Fairlawn and other departments because it had acquired new land during efforts to construct a school. 

Rooms were put on fire to simulate an emergency. After the fire was put out, the firemen’s performances were critiqued. They also had to locate a rescue dummy that was hidden among the rubble and smoke, said Hose.

For Hose this was a great chance for rookies to learn the ropes of fighting fires. He said fire departments usually takes advantage of these opportunities, since finding a building to burn down is no easy task.

Chief Hose also said the fire department will acquire three new thermal cameras to replace the city’s outdated models. Hose had applied for a grant to purchase two cameras. When it was approved, he asked if the city could purchase one more. Each camera cost $9,000 Hose said.

“In a fire situation you can go into a room and it will cut right through the smoke and you can see the outline of a body,” Hose said.

Also, during the meeting, Parks and Recreation Director Laurie Beisecker announced the final tally for September’s Food Truck Round Up. The total donation to the Fairlawn Community Foundation was $2,500.  The foundation is in charge of hosting a number of events in Fairlawn, particularly the Fourth of July celebrations.