Andrew McGinn
Dayton Daily News

WILMINGTON: Four people were taken Saturday to the Clinton County Jail after sheriff’s deputies from two counties raided the Caesar Creek Flea Market in search of stolen and counterfeit goods.

Two people were served indictments for allegedly receiving stolen property and two others were taken into custody reportedly for selling counterfeit merchandise, said Brian Prickett, chief deputy of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

Three related indictments for receiving stolen property were served before Saturday, although one remains to be served, he said.

The investigation into vendors at the massive flea market near Wilmington at Ohio 73 and Interstate 71, began four months ago, Prickett said.

“This has been a large undertaking,” he said.

Deputies from Clinton and Fayette counties raided the flea market at 9 a.m. Saturday, and spent most of the day packing a tractor-trailer full of confiscated merchandise.

They allege that stolen items such as laundry detergent, shampoo and razor blades were being sold by vendors in order to buy drugs.

The deputies were joined Saturday by a company representing the likes of the National Football League, Major League Baseball and Oakley sunglasses to identify counterfeit merchandise, Prickett said. Knock-off shirts, hats and graphic rugs reportedly were found in five booths, he said.

Prickett was unable to place a dollar amount on the merchandise, but said, “It’s substantial.”

Management at Caesar Creek Flea Market declined to comment. It draws about 10,000 people each weekend.