George W. Davis correspondent

GREEN: A whopping $16.7 million capital appropriations budget for 2013 was approved by City Council during last week's regular meeting.

Finance Chairman Chris Humphrey explained that the appropriation total is high, but noted that $10.8 million is a carryover from projects not done during 2012.

The largest project this year is development of the 142-acre Akron-Canton Airport International Business Park III/Port Green at an estimated cost of $5,076,671.

He said the project could mean 1,000 new jobs, plus an improved tax base and an enhancement of city income taxes as developers and businesses choose to be part of the addition.

Also approved were five-year renewals of agriculture permits for six farms, totaling 448 acres that Planning and Development Director Wayne Wiethe called “the six most active farms we have in Green.”

Approved were renewals for 201 acres owned by John Beese on East Turkeyfoot Lake and Harring roads; 117 acres on Killinger Road for Dean and Dorene Hartong trustees; 56.7 acres owned by Donna (Phillippi) Galford on Apple Ridge Road; 39.3 acres for Janet and George Esterle on East Caston Road;20 acres owned by James St. John on Greensburg Road, and 14 acres owned by Konrad and Sidonia Pilz on Cottage Grove Road.

Planning Committee Chairman Gerard Neugebauer said such a district provides protection against nuisance suits over farm operations, deferment of tax assessments on land to build sewer and water lines and allows for additional review if land is taken by eminent domain for a public purpose.