George W. Davis correspondent

GREEN – Mayor Dick Norton wants to create a five-member sustainability task force made up of Green residents and members of the business and non-profit community.

Those chosen will be charged with developing recommendations for policies and practices to improve environmental stewardship and foster a culture of sustainability for Green.

“I am looking for individuals who can help us define what being sustainable looks like for Green,” Norton said. “A sustainability plan for Green will look and should be very different than for New York City, or even Akron. A sustainability plan will have impact only to the degree that it acknowledges and identifies what our core values are.”

Brief letters of interest should list the person’s unique experience with regard to sustainability and how the candidate could aid by being a task force member.

Sept. 10 is the deadline for letters being sent to Norton at P.O. Box 278, Green, OH  44232.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Sarah Haring, the city’s Community Development administrator, at 330-896-6614 or via email at