CINCINNATI: The Roman Catholic archbishop of Cincinnati expressed sadness and offered prayers Tuesday for a wounded student, his family and those in the school community in the aftermath of a classroom suicide attempt.

The student remained hospitalized in critical condition as classes resumed at La Salle High School, an all-male Catholic school west of Cincinnati. Police said the 17-year-old student used a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun that was usually kept in a family safe in his home. It wasn’t clear when and how he got the gun.

“We are all greatly saddened by the shooting,” Archbishop Dennis Schnurr said. Green Township Police Chief Bart West said there were no problems Tuesday, and student attendance was good.

Police said there were at least 21 other students in the first-period classroom Monday morning. They said there have been no suggestions that any other students or staff were threatened.

The student is a junior and an honors student. He made the top honor roll on the most recent report and has been active in Boy Scouts. School spokesman Greg Tankersley said he has an extensive record of community service, and has been “highly involved” in school life.