Ohio.com staff

KENT:  The city’s Central Maintenance Division have begun flushing hydrants to clean and maintain the quality of the water lines, to inspect fire hydrants and to maintain water pressure.

Hydrants across the city will be flushed from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday until Fri., July 12.  Water will be discolored but is safe to use, except for in laundry.

Signs will be placed the day before the crews begin to flush an area.  The Kent Police Department has posted a schedule of the hydrant on their Facebook page www.facebook.com="">

www.facebook.com="">Check the water status before washing clothing because the discoloration may stain garments.

The city recommends running water for three to five minutes before filling a glass. If water in the glass is clear, then clothes may be washed.