Macedonia City Council will meet again today in an effort to pass this year’s budget and keep the northern Summit County city open for business.

Council members on Saturday voted 3-2 in favor of the budget. The council will meet today to give the budget a third reading. They needed four votes to speed up passage and avoid the additional reading.

Mayor Don Kuchta has promised to veto the budget, if the council approves it today. The council would then need four members to agree to override the mayor’s veto.

The city is a day away from the state-mandated deadline for submitting its annual budget.

The major sticking point between the council and Kuchta is whether the city should keep its out-of-house law director on retainer. The city stopped having its own law department several years ago, and has since used the services of Cleveland law firm Joseph Diemert & Associates.

Kuchta is in favor of keeping the current arrangement, which pays Diemert a base retainer of $75,000, along with other costs. Three council members want to forgo the retainer and pay actual billable hours for any services provided.