CLEVELAND: A collector has agreed to pay $46,520 at auction for a letter Mary Todd Lincoln wrote in 1862 after the death of her 11-year-old son and sent to a Cleveland businessman.

The Plain Dealer reports the private collector outbid 20 others in the online auction this month by RR Auction of New Hampshire. Bids started at $1,000.

The letter was addressed to Charles Reeves, Cleveland, Ohio, and dated May 5, 1862. It expressed condolences to Reeves for the death of his wife, Hester.

Plain Dealer archives show Hester Reeves tutored the Lincoln children in Springfield, Ill., before her marriage. A relative of Charles Reeves says he owned an ice company in Cleveland and inherited part of his fatherís farm land in Newburgh Heights. He died in Cleveland in 1879.