Jackson Jr. takes leave

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who defeated a primary challenge this year despite being the target of a House ethics investigation, has been on a medical leave for two weeks and is being treated for exhaustion, his office announced Monday. Jacksonís office did not provide further details, including how long he would be away. The House Ethics Committee probe involves allegations that Jackson was involved in discussions about raising money for then-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevichís campaign in exchange for Blagojevich appointing him to President Barack Obamaís vacated U.S. Senate seat.


Arrests in school hazing

Police said Monday they have arrested a masonry teacher and four students as they investigate allegations of brutal hazing at a summer school in Southern California. Three boys were attacked in separate incidents in the classroom of teacher Emmanuel De La Rosa at A.B. Miller High School, Fontana police said. One 18-year-old student is being investigated for child cruelty, assault with intent to commit mayhem or rape and attempted sodomy. De La Rosa, 27, may have directed the students to carry out one of the assaults, police said.


Life term for stabbings

A man convicted of murder in a 2010 stabbing spree in Michigan was sentenced to life in prison with no parole Monday, wrapping up the first in a series of cases against Elias Abuelazam. The stabbing spree terrified the city of Flint, where 14 people were stabbed and five died. The Israeli immigrant faces two more murder trials and six attempted murder trials in Michigan as well as an attempted murder case in Toledo.


Judge blocks law

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked Florida from enforcing a new state law barring companies from bidding on state and local government contracts if they or any affiliates do business in Cuba or Syria. The judge issued the temporary injunction after hearing arguments in a lawsuit filed by a Florida subsidiary of a Brazilian conglomerate, which claims the law is unconstitutional.

Compiled from wire reports.