Widow investigated

Federal authorities are closely scrutinizing the activities of the wife of the dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect in the days before and after the attacks. Two senior law enforcement officials said authorities are looking at a range of possibilities, including that she could have ó wittingly or unwittingly ó destroyed evidence, helped the bombers evade capture or even played a role in planning the attacks. FBI agents are trying to determine whether female DNA found on a piece of a pressure cooker used as an explosive device in the attacks was from Katherine Russell, the wife of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to the officials. Federal authorities took a sample of Russellís DNA on Monday in Rhode Island, where she has been staying with her parents, the officials said.


School aid cut

Schools near military bases and tribal lands will face a $60 million shortfall between now and September and aid to college students will be cut by almost $90 million, according to the Education Departmentís plan to carry out the automatic spending cuts mandated by Congress. In all, the Education Department lost $2.6 billion as part of failed budget negotiations that forced deep spending cuts.

Bonuses withheld

The Department of Veterans Affairs is withholding bonuses for senior officials who oversee disability claims, citing a failure to meet performance goals for reducing a sizable backlog in claims processing. The backlog has increased dramatically over the past three years, and the department has come under intense criticism from veterans groups and Congress. VA spokesman Josh Taylor said Monday the savings would be used to help reduce the backlog.


Small planes collide

Officials say two small airplanes apparently collided in midair Monday over Southern California mountains, sending one crashing into a ridge while the second made an emergency landing on a golf course. Three people onboard the plane that landed on the golf course had minor injuries, while rescuers searched for survivors from the fiery crash.

Compiled from wire reports.