loma linda, calif.

Research backs diet

Pour on the olive oil, preferably over fish and vegetables: One of the longest and most scientific tests of a Mediterranean diet suggests this style of eating can cut the chance of suffering heart-related problems, especially strokes, in older people at high risk of them. The study lasted five years and involved about 7,500 people in Spain. Those who ate Mediterranean-style with lots of olive oil or nuts had a 30 percent lower risk of major cardiovascular problems compared with those who didn’t cut fat very much. Results were published online Monday by the New England Journal of Medicine and were discussed at a nutrition conference in Loma Linda, Calif.


Search widens for man

A manhunt has widened to the Southeast for an ex-convict identified as the prime suspect in a shooting and fiery crash that killed three last week on the Las Vegas Strip, police said Monday. Ammar Harris used to live in South Carolina and Georgia, was convicted in Atlanta in 2005 of marijuana possession and was arrested in Miami in December for reckless driving, according to public records.


Lawyer defends video

A lawyer for the family of a 9-year-old rapper who appears in sexually suggestive videos is criticizing authorities’ decision to investigate whether the boy is the victim of possible child abuse or neglect. The boy who performs as “Lil Poopy” is a thriving, well-adjusted fourth-grader with a good home life, good grades and musical talent, attorney Joseph Krowski Jr. said Monday of client Luie Rivera Jr.


Tourism boycott urged

Environmental groups say they’ll launch a boycott against a Jersey shore town that refuses to back off its plan to use tropical rainforest wood to rebuild a boardwalk destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. The groups calculate that 766 acres of old-growth tropical rainforest needed to be cut down for the project. Activists on Monday called on Avon to use something other than ipe (pronounced EE’-pay) but were rejected.

Compiled from wire reports.