Defendant dies in court

A man collapsed in court and died after being convicted Thursday of deliberately burning down his $3.5 million Phoenix mansion. Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies said they were investigating whether Michael Marin put something in his mouth that led to his death after the verdict was read. A jury had found Marin, 53, guilty of arson of an occupied structure. When his trial began in May, prosecutors said he faced nearly 16 years in prison if convicted.


Missing boy’s body found

The body of a 4-year-old boy missing for a week was found buried Thursday at his home, a family spokesman said. Carnel Chamberlain’s body was found under a wood porch or deck at the home on the reservation of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, 70 miles north of Lansing, Kevin Chamberlain said. Chamberlain, the tribe’s former chief, said he had no details about what led investigators back to the house after many days of searching woods, ponds and the tribe’s sewage treatment areas.


Soldier killed, 2 wounded

One soldier was shot and killed and two others were wounded Thursday afternoon at Fort Bragg. Officials said a soldier from the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade shot another member of the unit and then shot and wounded himself; a third soldier was also wounded. The shooter was taken into custody; no motive has been determined.


Air Force scandal widens

At least 31 female trainees have been identified as victims in a widening sex scandal targeting a dozen instructors at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, the Air Force revealed Thursday, providing details in an investigation that has rocked the service’s training command. Six of the 12 instructors under investigation for misconduct face charges ranging from rape to adultery. A senior Air Force commander said nine of those instructors were in the same squadron.

Compiled from wire reports.