Inmate executed

A former Army recruiter was executed Tuesday evening in Texas for participating in the shooting death of a woman he and a buddy met 10 years ago at a Fort Worth bar. Texas prison officials gave Cleve Foster a lethal injection Tuesday, just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to postpone his punishment for a fourth time. Once previously he was moments from being led to the death chamber before the justices intervened.


Madam pleads guilty

A suburban mother of four charged with moonlighting as a multimillion-dollar madam pleaded guilty Tuesday to promoting prostitution as part of a plea deal. Anna Gristina, a legal U.S. resident originally from the Scottish Highlands, made the plea in Manhattan court. The judge said she’ll be sentenced Nov. 20 to time served and probation, and she could also be deported. She spent four months in jail before being released on $250,000 bond in June.


Skydiver planning feat

The countdown is on for skydiver Felix Baumgartner. In just two weeks, Baumgartner will attempt to go supersonic when he jumps from a record altitude of 23 miles over New Mexico. Project managers announced Tuesday the feat will take place Oct. 8. The Austrian parachutist jumped from 13 miles in March and 18 miles in July. This time, he hopes to break the all-time record of 19.5 miles set in 1960. A giant helium balloon will hoist a pressurized capsule with Baumgartner inside, dressed in a pressure suit.

EL PASO, Texas

Judge orders DNA test

A Texas judge has ordered DNA testing on a man who claims to be the brother of the late The Jeffersons star Sherman Hemsley. Richard Thornton is challenging the validity of Hemsley’s will, which names the actor’s longtime manager, Flora Enchinton of El Paso, as sole beneficiary. Hemsley died of lung cancer July 24. Judge Patricia Chew on Monday rescheduled the El Paso trial on Hemsley’s estate to begin Oct. 31.

Compiled from wire reports.