CINCINNATI: A Catholic college that drew criticism when it announced plans to halt birth control insurance coverage is still offering it, the school confirmed Monday.

Xavier University has continued to offer insurance that covers contraceptives. A spokeswoman said the decision came after the U.S. Supreme Court in June upheld President Barack Obama’s health-care legislation.

University President Michael Graham had told school employees in April that without a legal mandate, it was inconsistent for the school to cover drugs and procedures that the church opposes. He said after the Supreme Court decision that the requirement to offer insurance plans that cover contraceptives is deeply problematic for Catholic universities.

“Religious institutions have never been asked to violate their consciences in this profound a manner,” said Graham, who remains critical of the requirement.

Some Xavier alumni had criticized Graham for playing politics on women’s health. Hundreds signed an online petition urging Xavier to reverse the plan. A message for comment was sent Monday to an alumnus who started the petition. Other alumni had signed a petition supporting Graham.

Inside Higher Ed reported Monday about Xavier’s policy, which Graham had discussed earlier in a Cincinnati Enquirer interview.

Another Catholic school in Ohio, the University of Dayton, had said it would continue employee health insurance that has covered birth control pills and other contraceptive measures for two decades.