COLUMBUS: An Ohio State University student from Michigan has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing Columbus police of brutally beating him over what later amounted to a littering violation.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, 21-year-old Joseph Hines of Jackson, Mich., accuses officers of a “brutal, unjustified physical attack” that led to a three-day hospitalization and permanent scars.

The lawsuit says Hines was in handcuffs during the alleged beating on Aug. 29, 2012. It says officers threw him down, yanked on his arms to cause the handcuffs to cut his wrists, punched him repeatedly and hog-tied him.

Columbus police didn’t immediately comment Monday. They had accused Hines of underage drinking, fleeing and resisting arrest.

Hines pleaded guilty to a littering charge and paid a $100 fine. Five other charges were dropped.