OTTAWA, OHIO: A judge has turned down a defense request to exclude media from the trial of a 17-year-old boy charged with killing two teenage brothers in northwest Ohio.

Putnam County Juvenile Court Judge Michael Borer issued the ruling Thursday in response to the request that Michael Aaron Fayís trial be behind closed doors.

Fay has pleaded not guilty to delinquency in connection with aggravated murder.

Heís accused of killing 17-year-old Blake Romes and 14-year-old Blaine Romes in their home in Ottawa on May 9. Both were shot in the head. Police found the bodies after Fay was apprehended in Columbus and pointed officers to them.

Prosecutors accuse Fay of planning the killings and committing them with purpose.

Fayís attorney, William Kluge, didnít immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday.