A Summit County jury ended its third day of deliberations without reaching verdicts in the case against a Stow teen accused in the Craigslist shooting deaths of three men.

The panel met for about six hours Monday. They have had the case since the three-week trial ended late Thursday afternoon. Overall, the jury has deliberated the case about 14 hours.

Jurors are scheduled to return today.

Brogan Rafferty, 17, is facing 25 counts, including multiple aggravated murder, robbery and kidnapping charges in connection with the shooting deaths of three men and the attempted killing of a fourth. He faces life in prison, if convicted.

The men had responded to a bogus Craigslist help-wanted ad in 2011 seeking a handyman to live and work on a rural property in Noble County. Prosecutors say the ad was a ruse conceived by Akron resident Richard Beasley, 53, as a means of robbing and killing the men. Rafferty is accused of aiding Beasley, who he described as a spiritual mentor.

Beasley has pleaded not guilty and faces a potential death sentence. He is set for trial in January.

Rafferty told jurors he helped Beasley out of fear that his mentor would harm the teenís family.