So I had one of those questions that gave me away as a true beginner... Are we supposed to train in the rain? I mean, if it sprinkles on one of my training days, can I take the day off, call it a "snow day"? I asked this of the Akron Marathon staff during a recent visit to their office. Bless them for not making me feel silly for asking. And here was the answer: "The rule is, unless it's thundering or lightening, you train."

Fortunately, I recently got a gym membership so I have the option of staying inside. But now that we know the Akron Marathon Race Series events go on rain or shine,  I might look for opportunities to train in the rain (ok, maybe I'll wait for a warm rain) so I'm not totally thrown by the idea if it happens on race day.

If you're a walker, you can get away with carrying an umbrella, at least on training days. Not sure if they're allowed on the course. I've never seen one. If you're a runner, well I guess we need to make sure we have some appropriate gear. What's best to wear? And if it is raining, is it better to avoid streets and sidewalks and look for something more porous to train on? Hmmm. Looks like I have some homework to do. I'll investigate these answers and let you know!

So, since we are officially in training, our Saturday outing will go on, rain or shine. No excuses, right?


- Paula