’s Bill Greene reports that former Canton McKinley standout Se’Von Pittman, who the Ohio State University released from his scholarship earlier this year, would be attending the University of Akron.

A source with knowledge of the situation said that Pittman was close to being a member of the Akron Zips football team, a fact that would be a coup for coach Terry Bowden.

Pittman, a defensive end dominated play at McKinley and had offers from numerous BCS schools.  He initially committed to Michigan State but turned his eyes toward Columbus when Urban Meyer assumed the reins of the Buckeyes program.

Off-field issues contributed to his leaving the Buckeyes. That shouldn’t completely derail his collegiate career said his former coach Ron Johnson, head coach at Salem High School.

“Him going to a school is really irrelevant,” he said Thursday afternoon when reached by phone. “He has the talent to be successful anywhere he goes. He has to make sure he has his priorities straight personally, socially, academically and then on the football field, that will take care of itself.”

While Johnson refused to talk specifics regarding what happened at Ohio State, it doesn’t appear to be an obstacle that can’t be overcome.

“It was just a very common thing that happens to a lot of young men when they get away from home for the first time and don't really keep the main thing, the main thing,” Johnson said.

According to, Pittman will begin classes in July and sit out the upcoming season. But Johnson thinks he will be successful in the MAC despite the time off.

“There are great football players there don't get me wrong, but what happens is most of them mature late,” said Johnson who spent 10 years coaching in the MAC.  The difference is Pitt is showing up on campus like that.

“He's showing up matured and ready to go.   I'm sure that he can excel at any program he chooses or chose to go to. He would have been a great player at Ohio State.  He would have been a great player at Alabama. He would have been a great player at Malone.  If he does the right things, he's going to be a great player.”