Jody Miller correspondent

BATH TWP.: A safer bus garage as well as new windows and masonry improvements at Revere High School were on the agenda Tuesday for the Revere Board of Education meeting. 

Contracts were awarded for both permanent improvement projects.
Work on the 60-year-old bus garage was deemed essential after a recent wind storm caused damage to the back wall that resulted in safety issues for employees and a potential risk for damage to the buses stored there.
In a split bid, Butcher & Son, Inc. will handle the demolition work at the bus garage with a bid price of $29,875, while Emery Electric Inc will complete the electrical work required after the demolition for $39,300.
“We are doing modifications to the existing structure because it is a safety hazard right now,” explained Kevin Matowitz, coordinator of business services for the district. “We know we have a safety concern with the overhang on the back part of the building. Our goal is take the overhang down, leave the rest of the building and replace the electric. This will buy us some time until the board decides the next course of action.”
Replacement of the open structure that has housed some of the fleet of buses since the 1950s is a project the board has discussed for a number of years but without coming to a resolution. Rebuilding on site could be problematic due to riparian corridor and set-back issues that were not in force when the garage was first built, said school officials.
Rebuilding off the current site would entail not only the cost of construction but also the purchase of land.
“Right now, we just want to get it safe,” said Matowitz. “Then the board can take a look at the whole picture and come up with a game plan. It’s challenging, but the repairs need to be done now.”
The combined costs of this project came in 39 percent under the estimate. Eight companies bid on the project.
The board also awarded the window replacement and masonry improvements project to Capital Aluminum & Glass Corp. for $716,900, which was 11 percent under the estimate.
Completion of this project will mean that 80 percent of the windows at the high school will have been replaced, said Matowitz. The resolution approved by the board in the latter case included the option for the contractor to review and possibly amend the stated contract completion date due to a supply issue.