Jody Miller correspondent

BATH TWP.:The Revere Board of Education approved a resolution June 26 to support the exploration of a Revere Community Recreation Center. The vote was 4-1, with board member George Seifert casting the lone no vote.
A group of organizations and citizens within the footprint of the school district is looking into the possibility of building a community recreation center. Bath and Richfield townships, as well as the Village of Richfield, have already approved resolutions to work together to analyze the need for such a shared center to benefit area residents.
A Revere Recreation Task Force will develop a plan and a vision and then file for a Local Government Innovation Fund grant for funding a feasibility study, according to school board President Claudia Hower. 
The Revere resolution will merely add support to that grant application, Hower said, adding that no tax dollars or financial support from the district would be involved, now or in the future.
Seifert’s vote had more to do with the potential for long-term taxing implications for funding, such a venture and the possible effects of any additional tax burden on Revere’s tax base.

Hower did add that this project is “a long way from reality.”