Erika Shi

High school: Alliance

GPA: 4.38

Class rank: 1 of 183

College choice: University of Cincinnati College’s Conservatory of Music

Intended major: Ballet and double minor in mathematics and entrepreneurship

Favorite social media sites: Snapchat, Instagram

Bingeworthy TV show(s): Makeup tutorials, ballet videos and Buzzfeed on YouTube

Apple or android: Apple

Favorite subject: Calculus II

Most influential person: My ballet teacher, Ms. Crowley, has really pushed me these past years. She is extremely tough and comes across callous. However, she knows how difficult it is to be a professional dancer. She is preparing me for the future I strive for, and always has my best interest.

Where sees self in 10 years: I hope to either have had or still have a career as a professional dancer, specifically ballet. After that, I would like to be in the administrative side of the arts, and hope to make the arts more accessible to different communities.

What needs done to stop gun violence in schools: Change schools’ environments, which are influential on a student’s mental health and academic achievement. Implement resources to reduce harassment, discrimination and bullying to curb conflict.

Favorite high school memory: It probably is when I called a student out for using a racial slur for Asians. I simply said: “Say it again. Why can’t you say it now?” I’m viewed as quiet and reserved, so no one was expecting it. It was definitely a power move on my part and was extremely liberating.