Heather Beyer
Ohio.com correspondent

STOW: In an unanimous vote, council passed legislation that would establish city code to target “clandestine drug labs" Thursday evening.

The approved legislation will establish chapter 1313.01 in the building code, declare drug labs a public health hazard and require mandatory cleanup, removal, or destruction of a drug site. 

Under the approved legislation, owners would be required to clean houses that contained the drug labs and pay for all costs associated with the cleanup. If the owner does not comply and does not cleanup the property within a given time period then the city could step in to demolish the homes.

Stow police continue to discover methamphetamine labs after a recent meth lab explosion that occurred in a home on Mac Drive on April 17 and a discovery of a lab inside of a home where an 8-year-old child lived on March 8. 

In February the Summit County Drug Unit searched a home on Lillian Road and found a methamphetamine lab, chemicals and lab components in the basement. Officials uncovered more meth-related items in the attached garage. Five children from the home were taken into custody by Summit County Children’s Services. 

"I have said this before and I will say it again that my office and the administration supports the legislation regarding the clandestine drug laboratories," Mayor Sara Drew said. "It is a major peace of mind to provide protection for families in our community and it will also provide protections for our staff members who have to deal with this situations."

Council will meet again at 7 p.m. on July 11.