STOW: Stow Mayor Sara Kline issued a statement Monday saying the city would redouble its efforts to spread a message of tolerance and opposition to racism after Beacon Journal news partner News 5 Cleveland reported last week on a couple being harassed by neighbors.

Esayla Williams told the television station that she and her boyfriend found the “N-word” written on their door at the Hidden Lakes apartment complex. It was also reported that neighbors have falsely filed police reports against the couple.

“The City of Stow takes very seriously allegations of racial harassment and intimidation,” Kline said. “Recent events reported in our community do not represent the values of our city or the beliefs of the majority of residents. In the strongest possible terms, I and the Administration reject racism in all its forms.

“Everyone is welcome in our community and everyone should feel that they have a home in the City of Stow — no matter their racial or cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or identity or gender.

“We will redouble our efforts to ensure that our values of tolerance are spread throughout the community so all residents, visitors and businesses know that the City of Stow is place where everyone is welcome.”

The couple did not return calls from the Beacon Journal. The original News 5 story can be found at