Heather Beyer
Ohio.com correspondent

Stow Planning Commission began Tuesday night’s meeting by addressing Thorndale Avenue residents about the expansion proposal by auto dealer Ron Marhofer.

“We will not be discussing the Marhofer issue today,” Chairman David Kohlmeier said. “If any of you are here tonight to discuss that it won’t be discussed tonight because it is not on the agenda.”

Among the key components of the proposal are eliminating Yukon Road, which bisects the dealership property, and improving the intersection at Thorndale Avenue and Darrow Road so it would be a normal 90 degrees.

Kohlmeier encourage the residents to stay for the meeting but reiterated that the Marhofer issue would not be discussed.

Two Thorndale Ave residents, Chris Meneer and Mark Ryland, were in attendance at the meeting.

The commission is expected to address the proposal at the July 10 meeting.