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Serving up smiles during the lunch hours at Stow-Munroe Falls High School, Tammy Simpson diligently works the cafeteria lunch lines, preparing food, operating the cashier position and managing the vending machines in the commons.

Simpson has been employed through the city of Stow for more than seven years and has a strong passion for working with the students.

“Seeing the students progress from children to young adults is an amazing experience,” said Simpson.

Simpson holds several positions at the high school and the elementary schools. She has worked in various roles at every school in district, from a member of the schools' cafeterias to a crossing guard.

She has retained more than 25 years in food services and said she enjoys working in the cafeteria environment.

Stow High School junior Jess Oros said, “Ms. Simpson is extremely sweet. She is always in an upbeat mood and she always asks how my day is going.”

Originally from Brimfield, Simpson said she has always loved to give back to the community. As a student in Field High School, Simpson volunteered in her spare time, and she continues to volunteer here in the Stow community.

"I love helping with whatever my kids like to do," said Simpson.

Simpson has volunteered for the high school swim team, supported the track team, volunteered at Stow's Safety Town and is a dedicated member of the PTA.

Simpson's two daughters, Chelsea and Autumn, were both raised in the Stow school district and were heavily involved in Stow's extra curricular programs. Autumn, 13, is an eighth grader at Kimpton Middle School. Chelsea, 19, is enrolled in her second year of college at Wilmington College.

Simpson has always encouraged her children to become active and to give back to their community, as well. She said she involved her kids with activities at the Stow-Munroe Falls Pubic Library at a young age.

"Stow-Munroe Falls has an excellent public library," said Simpson. "It is right here at your finger tips. I really appreciate that."

On weekends, Simpson enjoys crafting and also hosts a Bible study every Sunday at her church, the Akron Chapel. Simpson expressed how her faith has played a major role in her life and has become a main focus. Her spirituality has given her a positive outlook.

"One of my main focuses in life is being the best wife and mother that I can be," said Simpson. "Family is the most important thing to me."

Simpson looks forward to working more in the Stow schools and getting to know the students who attend.

"This is my job and I love it," Simpson said. "I like to think, ‘why not have fun executing your job and making a change while doing so?’ "

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