Summits Precinct Reduction

475 to 298, a decrease of 177 or 37 percent.

Split precincts will increase from 70 to 86 or 23 percent. These splits are caused by overlaps of Congressional districts, school districts and Ohio House and Senate districts.

New polling locations havent yet been determined.

1,301-1,400 voters: 77 precincts.

1,251- 1,300 voters: r60 precincts.

751-1,250 voters: 150 precincts.

70-749 voters: 11 precincts.

The smallest precincts include those in Boston Township, Northfield, Peninsula and Silver Lake, which have between 400 and 600 voters. Sagamore F, which is for Northcoast Behavioral Center, only has about 70 voters and will remain that size.