Donna Smith correspondent

Here are the top five stories of 2012 in Jackson as selected by correspondent Donna Smith:

Jackson freshman basketball coach, employee sentenced with 15 years for video taping boy’s locker room

On Nov. 14, the Jackson community was shocked to hear about the arrest of freshman basketball coach Scott Studer. Studer was convicted of hiding a video camera in the shower area of the boy's locker room in Jackson High School. He was sentenced with 15 years in prison, required to pay a $5,000 fine and banned for life from coaching or volunteering with youths.

Jackson Township parks and road maintenance levy fails

Issue 29, also known as the parks and road levy failed when 55 percent of voters decided against the issue during the Nov. 6 election. Trustees told residents that without the passing of the levy, there would be major changes to the parks and highway departments. So far, all parks closing at dusk with no lighting, the Fulton Road yard waste center has shortened their hours and there may be some concern over road maintenance such as snow removal and construction as a result of the failure. Trustees hope to put a stand-alone levy on the next ballot.

Patrolling Jackson Township: A typical day of a police officer

In order to get a better idea of what a police officer has to deal with during a typical day, correspondent Donna Smith took a ride with Officer John Angelo. During the day, Angelo stopped speeders, checked on empty homes in the township, and addressed some concerns by residents. The day was routine for Angelo, but he said that all police officers must be prepared for anything to happen. Officer Angelo has been a Jackson Township police officer for 28 years and continues to do his job every day and truly protect the community.

Local Radio Host Interviews President Obama

Most of the news of 2012 was focused around the presidential election. WHLO 640 AM radio host, Jim Albright had the opportunity to interview the president by phone on his talk-show program located in Jackson Township. Albright said he was nervous and had never talked to a standing president in all his career. Even though the interview only lasted a few minutes, Albright felt that his listeners learned a few things about President Obama's stand on certain issues focusing on Ohio.

Girl recovers from brain tumor to dance again

Jewell Cardwell featured 9-year-old Mackenzie Alexis Roach, who was selected to dance in Canton Ballet's Nutcracker in 2011. She found out a week later that she was suffering from a brain tumor. Mackenzie, who is a third grader at Jackson's Sauder Elementary School had surgery to remove the tumor and had to learn to walk, talk, and swallow again. She worked hard at during her recovery and was able to dance in the Nutcracker this year. Mackenzie reminds us that no matter what age, there can be a light at the end of the tunnel with hard work, perseverance, and faith.

Honorable mention: USO of Northern Ohio to close Jackson Township warehouse, move all care package operations to Chagrin Falls

The USO care-package center has been a part of Jackson Township since 2005. The USO of Northern Ohio will close the warehouse at the end of the year. Volunteers at the care-package center are responsible for putting together food and personal items to be shipped to troops overseas. Raymond Froelich, a member of the USO said in the article that there are fewer troops to serve now that more of the troops are being sent home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The USO of Northern Ohio will consolidate the warehouses into one located in Chagrin Falls. There is concern that fewer people will volunteer in our area. Petitions have been signed asking the USO to reconsider its decision to consolidate the facilities.

Which story do you think is the biggest story of 2012 for Jackson? Let us know in the comment section below and we'll announce the winner on Monday.