Albert Aji
and Zeina Karam

DAMASCUS, SYRIA: Two suicide car bombers struck Syria’s army command headquarters Wednesday in Damascus, killing four guards and engulfing a key symbol of President Bashar Assad’s embattled regime in flames, state media and witnesses said.

The twin blasts were followed by several hours of gunbattles between rebel fighters and regime forces in downtown Damascus.

A reporter for an Iranian TV channel was killed by gunfire near the clashes, and a correspondent for another Iranian station was wounded.

The rebel attacks in the heart of the Syrian capital highlighted their determination to bring down Assad as the country’s civil war intensifies.

It was the second day of bombings to shake the capital.

A Damascus school that activists said was being used by regime forces as a security headquarters also was bombed on Tuesday, wounding several people.

Near Damascus, two activist groups monitoring casualties said several dozen bodies were found Wednesday in a single location.

Syria’s unrest began in March 2011 when protests calling for political change met a violent government crackdown.

Many in the opposition have since taken up arms, and activists say the fighting has killed nearly 30,000 people.

Over the past few months, the rebels have increasingly targeted security sites and symbols of regime power in a bid to turn the tide in the fighting.

The rebels’ Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s bombings.

The blasts went off about 10 minutes apart, starting around 7 a.m., near the landmark Omayyad Square, and were heard several miles away.

Syrian state TV aired what it said was security camera footage of the blasts.

In the first, a white van is driving on the road outside the military headquarters, then veers to the right and explodes.

The second blast goes off inside the compound, with flames rising from behind trees.

Later, the army command building is seen engulfed in flames that sent huge columns of thick black smoke over Damascus for several hours.