George W. Davis

LAKE TWP.: Within weeks of several John Deere vehicles being stolen from two Stark County businesses, Uniontown police have jailed two suspects and are looking for a third.

Two of the stolen vehicles were recovered.

Officers recovered an $18,000 John Deere Gator utility vehicle stolen Nov. 12 from the Hartville Hardware outdoor display on Edison Street Northwest.

A $20,000 Gator with tracs on all four wheels also was reported stolen Oct. 19 from the hardware store.

Uniontown police said Monday that officers arrested Mark Shaffer, 53, of 21st Street Northwest, Canton, on a charge of felony theft last Friday, four days after an East Canton man was jailed when the stolen $18,000 Gator was found at his home.

Following up on a tip, officers went to the East Canton home of Rollin Crum­rine, 30, of Slates Avenue Northeast, and found the Gator sitting outside.

When the vehicle identification number matched the lower-priced one that was stolen, Crumrine was jailed for complicity to felony receiving stolen property. He said he had just bought it for “a great deal,” a police report indicated.

A day after Crumrine’s arrest, a Louisville man turned over to Uniontown police a $12,000 John Deere Gator that officers were able to determine was among several stolen from Cope Farm Equipment on State Street in Alliance.

Officers said the Louisville man told them he became concerned and came to Uniontown police headquarters after seeing a story about the stolen vehicles.