Beau Dusz correspondent

Another season of high school football has begun, and this year, Wadsworth fans do not have to miss a single play, even if they are out of town or out of the country.

Wadsworth Community Television offers, a website that provides access to each game soon after it ends or early the next morning, according to John Madding, programming director and access manager.
Madding said WCTV purchases storage capacity from and stores the entire season of football there. It will not be erased until another season begins. Thus, anyone can log on to and see any of the season's games. Madding says this also includes varsity boys’ and girls’ basketball and volleyball games.
Also easily accessed through the site are city council and planning commission meetings, which are recorded live and then stored at this site. Committee meetings of the council are also taped, run on WCTV at a later date and stored at Madding said only some of these meetings are kept at this site because of limited space. However, each run a number of times on WCTV after the meetings have occurred and remain at for a certain period of time.
John Barnard, studio operations technician, said up to 500 programs are available at at all times and more may be available in the future.
To access the site, log onto and click on Wadsworth Community Television. Then scroll down to the program you want to watch.
WCTV also offers"" http:="" href="">">, a website that allows selected channels including Fox News, Fox Business News and the Big Ten Network to be viewed live on computers, tablets and phones. Call 330-335-2888 for more information on this service.
WCTV, begun in 1983, has three local channels and its own studio. WCTV produces 2,000 shows yearly involving 20,000 hours of local programming. The studio also offers public service announcements and advertising opportunities for local businesses and organizations.

Individuals and organizations have the opportunity to produce their own shows on WCTV. The equipment, editing and training will be provided. Call 330-336-7919 for more information concerning this service.