Beau Dusz correspondent

WADSWORTH: Superintendent of Wadsworth City Schools Dr. Andrew Hill said in an e-mail the district "has a lot to be proud of when it comes to our state report card" but explained, " we also have work to do in certain areas."

The latest report card uses a number of components to determine a district's rating. Under the former rating system Wadsworth received an "Excellent with Distinction" rating for ten years in a row but the new system upon which the latest report card is based does not have an "Excellent with Distinction" category. Instead, the new system uses an "A-F" system.

According to Hill, the new rating system has "led to confusion" because, even though most people understand an "A-F" system, "most people do not understand the different components which are receiving these letter grades."

"As a district we will do our best to communicate the meaning of the different components, Hill noted.

"Our job is to provide a quality education to every student who enters our doors and to prepare him or her for whatever lies ahead after graduation," Hill acknowledged.

Hill pointed out, "based upon the information released last week, our system would have done well in the "old" overall rating system."

However, he said the Ohio Department of Education has advised an overall grade should not be computed for a district because the weight for each of the components has not yet been decided.

Overall grades are expected to be given beginning in 2015.

"I would like to congratulate our faculty, staff, students, parents and guardians" Hill explained, " for their hard work displayed on our most recent report card."

Hill, who became superintendent of the Wadsworth system in July, said, "On behalf of our Board of Education I assure our community that our district will continue to strive for excellence in all areas; every student counts."