Crowd lauds war criminal

Singing Serbian national songs and waving flags, more than 2,000 people welcomed convicted war criminal Momcilo Krajisnik home as a national hero on Friday evening. He returned to Bosnia after being granted early release from a British prison where he had served two thirds of his 20-year sentence. “It’s like a dream. You have no idea how beautiful this country is,” he told reporters. But he also said he does not understand what this giant party was about. “After all, I am a war criminal,” said Krajisnik, 68.


14 more killed in attacks

The Iraqi branch of al-Qaida claimed responsibility Friday for a lethal wave of coordinated bombings in the Baghdad area earlier this week, as new attacks killed another 14 in the latest outbreak of violence to hit Iraq.


Rebels call for cease-fire

Rebels entrenched in the hills above one of eastern Congo’s largest cities declared a cease-fire on Friday and began retreating from the front line, the first indication that a joint United Nations and Congolese offensive might be gaining the upper hand in the conflict. But in a sign that the conflict could spill over the border, a large convoy of military vehicles loaded with troops, tanks, artillery cannons and heavy weaponry was seen leaving the capital of Rwanda, Congo’s neighbor to the east, which is accused of funneling arms and troops to the M23 rebels.


Bloc readmits Paraguay

Paraguay was welcomed back Friday into a group of South American nations known as UNASUR. The country, which was temporarily suspended after it impeached its president, was officially reinstated during the seventh UNASUR summit held in Suriname. Leaders observed a minute of silence for late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez before discussing issues such as regional security and tourism and economic cooperation. Paraguay President Horacio Cartes issued a statement saying he would seek to strengthen the bloc as he urged integration.

Compiled from wire reports.