The Browns took East Central Oklahoma defensive end/outside linebacker Armonty Bryant in the seventh-round (217th overall). Here's a transcript of his teleconference with reporters on Saturday.

(On what he brings to the table as a player) - What I bring to the table is just a relentless attitude. I want to get to the quarterback and I want to make a big play. I feel like Im that guy who you can count on. I want to be that person, that when were in a hard situation, you can come to me and say we need this. I feel like I can be that guy that goes out there and deliver.

(On his collegiate journey) - Out of high school I started at Abilene Christian, where I redshirted my first year. I had some academic issues. I ended up transferring down the street to a Cisco Junior College where I played my first year of football. After that year, I transferred to East Central where I finished up my collegiate career.

(On his arrest and what can he tell the Browns to help them feel that he wont be a problem) - Good people make mistakes, is something that Ive always been told by my head coach. I feel like it was just a stupid move on my part. I should have been more mature about the situation and be more focused on football, which is something I really want to do with my life. Now that Ive gotten that second chance, I feel like I wont let anyone down. I wont let myself, the people around me or the Cleveland Browns down. I appreciate them for taking this chance on me.

(On his health) - I feel like Im 100% right now. I just had a minor tweaking after the Texas vs. Nation All-Star game. I feel 100% right now, no issues whatsoever now.

(On if he had a torn labrum) - I tore my labrum at the end of junior year and had surgery in January going into my senior year. Since the surgery, everything has been fine. I just had a minor issue, but I havent had a problem since.

(On if he is an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense) - Im wherever they want to put me. Honestly, Ive only played defensive line. Ive played linebacker a couple of times. I love putting my hand in the dirt and getting off the ball and getting to the quarterback. If they want to put me at linebacker by all means, Im game for it. Im willing to learn anything and do anything to help my team win.

(On if he expected to be drafted) - No sir. I expected to be a free agent and hopefully someone took a chance on me.

(On how much time the Browns spent with him before the draft doing background checks) - A lot of questions, little questions like why, when did it happen and what made you do it. Stuff like that. As soon as we got past that, I think they got a little sense of what type of person I actually am. They just felt like I made a mistake.