The Reverend

The Villagers tell us that the defunding and debt ceiling arguments pit Obama and the Democrats against "fiscally responsible" Republicans. That is hogwash. James Fallows explains....

This isn't "gridlock." It is a ferocious struggle within one party, between its traditionalists and its radical factions, with results that unfortunately can harm all the rest of us -- and, should there be a debt default, harm the rest of the world too.

"a struggle within one party"....That's exactly right.

Here's the latest evidence....

On a Thursday conference call, a group of House conservatives consulted with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas about how to respond to the leadership’s fiscal strategy. Sources who were on the call say Cruz strongly advised them to oppose it, and hours later, Speaker John Boehner’s plan fizzled.


Leadership sources, for their part, are startled by Cruz’s attempt to shape House strategy and work against the speaker. They knew he’d oppose Boehner’s playbook, but they didn’t expect him to huddle with conservatives and ask them to ignore it. So, Cruz’s meetings have made him a key House player, but they’ve worsened his already-fraught relationship with the leadership.

If you were Boehner, how much would you appreciate Ted Cruz's interference with members of the Chamber which Boehner presides over? Would you say that Cruz's interference helps GOP party unity? Makes Boehner's job easier?

Even worse for the GOP, yesterday's vote in the Senate for cloture to proceed to a vote on the House CR stripped of House ACA defunding was 79-19 with 25 Senate Republicans ignoring the Cruz-Lee tantrum and voting with Democrats, instead of voting to filibuster with the Cruz-Lee contingency to close the government down The stripped CR won passage by 54-44 with no Republicans voting in favor.

Now, after smucking up the Senate procedures with his 21 hour stunt, moving us closer to a government shutdown....after accusing his own Senate party members of being Nazi appeasers if they didn't filibuster the CR and shut the government down... which an angry ex-GOP presidential candidate John McCain responded to with "I resoundingly reject that allegation"....Ted Cruz, his plan to blow everything up disintegrating....has started effing with GOP House members, making John Boehner's job in preventing a government shutdown a virtual impossibility.

And Americans are supposed to believe that the pivotal argument here is the ACA? It's not....about the ACA. The ACA is simply a symbolic host to which those who want to take their country back have attached themselves to in the hopes of sustaining their feeble and unpopular fight against America democratic progress. Conservative Andrew Sullivan nails it here.....

This is not about Obamacare. It is not even about politics. It is about a form of revolt against the very country they live in.

" a form of revolt".....Cruz, Lee and their like-minded House and Senate insurgents are fully aware that they are in the minority and can't take their country back through traditional democratic means. So, they're opting for revolt.

This effort by the Cruz Revolutionaries mirrors the efforts in California, Colorado and Maryland by county citizen revolutionaries attempting to secede from their respective states....and form their own...with new state names like North Colorado and Jefferson. Point being that those who think they are taking their country back....whether county secessionists or Cruz Revolutionaries....have abandoned America's historic democratic process.....have rejected the very majority rule form of democratic government which has successfully guided our democratic republic for over two centuries.

Yes, the fight going on is a fight within the Republican Party. The GOP is fiercely fighting an intramural battle to decide the future of it's own party. 25 GOP senators voted yesterday with full appreciation of democratic rule....19 GOP senators voted to reject democratic rule. 19 GOP senators voted against the full Senate taking an up or down vote on continuing to fund the government.

General Cruz now takes his insurgent, anti-democratic, tactics...and policies....over to the House where tensions are already high and the Speaker is being bombarded from all sides. Perhaps the Rebel General will find more like-minded, anti-democratic support in the advance his new anti-democratic...."blow it all up" form of governance. What I am certain of is that John Boehner will not be appreciative.

But just maybe, Cruz and the Minority Gang's obvious symptom of GOP fragmentation.....will push democratic Republicans and conservatives to finally abandon the anti-democratic revolutionaries within their own party.

Hey, it COULD happen.