From the American Petroleum Institute:

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2013 — API President and CEO Jack Gerard delivered opening remarks during Tuesday’s Onshore Oil and Natural Gas Safety and Reliability Symposium, which provided updates on standards being developed in the areas of well integrity, environmental performance, community engagement, and equipment quality and reliability in oil and natural gas drilling operations.

“As America continues its reemergence as a global energy leader, the demands on our energy infrastructure will grow considerably,” said Gerard. “API’s standard-setting program helps to ensure that America’s energy infrastructure remains world class and able to develop responsibly our game-changing energy resources as well as demonstrate our industry’s top priority is safety.”

The Symposium is a part of API’s 90th Exploration & Production Standards Conference on Oilfield Equipment and Materials where more than 600 engineers, scientists, regulators and stakeholders convened in Washington, D.C., this week to update API’s exploration and production documents through API’s accredited standards development program.

API’s world-leading standards and recommended practices program, overseen by API Director of Standards David Miller, is one of API’s oldest and most successful programs. It began in 1924. API now maintains more than 600 standards covering all segments of the oil and gas industry, and more than 100 API standards are cited in federal regulations.

“API is setting standards used around the world,” said Miller. “Our program is transparent, audited, and open to all interested stakeholders. Our goal is to produce the best safety and operational standards possible.”

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