The Reverend

* Followup: Yesterday, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer did veto the Republican-controlled legislature's open discrimination of gays bill. Brewer deserves credit for doing the right thing.

So it looks like GOP-state gay bashing laws are mostly unacceptable....even to Republicans....and, anyway, FYI.....cultural conservatives lost their fight to keep gays unequal when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act back in June of last year.

Ten years ago this month, the sitting president of the United States, George W. Bush, called publicly for a constitutional amendment preventing gay Americans from ever obtaining the right to legally marry. So....progress.


Today, let's checkup on Obamacare, shall we? Yes, we shall.

Republicans are focused singularly on bashing Obamacare this year. They believe that non-stop bashing of Obamacare is a winning formula for not only maintaining control of the House, but also in capturing control of the Senate.

Question: Do Americans hate Obamacare as much as Republicans say they do?

In the latest Kaiser survey asking Americans if they want to keep Obamacare or repeal it, the keepers are ahead by a margin of 56-31 percent. That's up from last year, when they were up by only 47-37 percent.

Those numbers seem to be at odds with the GOP's 2014-midterms let's delve further....Greg Sargent at the Plum Line blog reports this from a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll.....

.....opinion of the law is more negative than positive: 47 percent of Americans view the law unfavorably, while 35 percent view it favorably.

Sargent's take on the Kaiser poll....

....despite a massive national GOP campaign of sabotage and distortion, repeal remains unpopular; only a small minority wants to go back to the old system; and a smaller minority still thinks the GOP has any alternative.

I've been thinking about those favorable-unfavorable numbers.....and I have come up with a bit of a rebuttal. How many Americans are actually directly affected by the ACA? Isn't it true that many millions of Americans who already had health insurance before Obamacare passed....mostly still have health insurance unaffected by the ACA today? I think the answer is yes.

The number of persons insured in 2010 increased to 256.2 million.....

The Obamacare signup target for this year has been 7 million....a tiny percentage of 256 million. Those numbers should give us some perspective on those most recent Obamacare favorable/unfavorable numbers. Isn't it much easier to say you don't like this or that, if it doesn't affect you personally? I think it is.

To be sure, it looks like total 2014 Obamacare signup numbers will wind up missing the goal of 7 million.....

The White House announced late Tuesday that sign-ups in the federal- and state-run Obamacare insurance exchanges had surpassed the.....4 million mark.

Four months....four million signups. Do you think a brand new business venture would be pleased with that type of growth?

But what about that "disastrous rollout" of the online exchanges? Can't Republicans persuade American voters unaffected by the ACA to vote against Democrats this November by reminding them about that alleged "trainwreck" from last October? Maybe, I guess.....but doesn't that seem kind of 4 million Americans have successfully signed up? Won't it sound even sillier this fall after 6-7 million Americans have signed up? Yes, I think it will.

The Reverend has always favored a single-payer, Medicare-for-all, national health coverage program.....because it would be cheaper, more efficient, and cover all Americans. In spite of my druthers, I can at least appreciate the fact that the ACA does help millions of Americans without health coverage.....obtain coverage.

When you combine the reported 2.3 million new 'Medicaid expansion' enrollees with the 4 million ACA exchange come up with over 6 million Americans now covered who weren't covered before. Isn't that a good thing? Yes, it is.

And yet, campaigning Republicans are hellbent on explaining to voters how bad, bad, bad the ACA is for America. Do Republicans think that having 6.3 million more Americans with health insurance is a bad thing? Would those who disfavor Obamacare like to see those 6.3 million, and counting, lose the coverage they are in the process of obtaining? Does a problem-plagued website rollout trump the vital life-needs of 6.3 million Americans?

Again, it is my opinion that more Americans disfavor Obamacare than favor it because most Americans are not directly affected by Obamacare. It's easy to hate something, if that something doesn't affect your life.

That said.....what, if anything, should Americans find distasteful about the Obamacare implementation? I thought you'd never ask.

Republican-led states have purposely kept a total of 4.8 million poor working citizens from enrolling in Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. The tragedy.....the freaking trainwreck of the ACA rollout is not found in some months-old website glitches. Or insurance company cancellations of junk-policies. Or anecdotal nonsensical accounts from people who just don't like Obama. Or any of the other stuff you might hear regurgitated by corporate media.

The trainwreck of the ACA's implementation is....yes....singularly.....found in the refusal of Republican leaders to grant health coverage to almost 5 million Medicaid-expansion-qualified working poor. Computer glitches are fixable. Canceled junk-policies are replaceable. But the pre-meditated denial of health coverage to qualified poor citizens who have no other alternative is....unforgivable. Yes, it is.