David King

The federal government will shut down at midnight and the United States will sink into the sea, unless Congress approves a Continuing  Budget Resolution (CR) to fund the government today.

Or so we're told.

I'm confused though. Since when have we needed to fund the federal government ? Not during Obama's 4 1/2-year tenure, when we've run up annual trillion dollar deficits and $6.5 trillion in debt. Not during Bush's 8-year tenure, when we ran up $5 trillion in debt. Not during Clinton's tenure, when we ran up $1.5 trillion in debt. And so on and so forth. A combined $17 trillion in federal debt tells me the politicians don't care much about funding the federal government, and haven't for a long time.

So, when did it suddenly become important for us to fund the federal government ? Did this new concern come to President Obama like a divine lightning bolt from the sky a couple weeks ago, or what ? He never cared much about it before. Maybe Obama is worried because about 2/3rds of the White House staff will get a paid vacation if the CR isn't approved today. I do understand why that concerns the President. Who will load the movies for the Obamas to watch if the White House projectionists  aren't there ? My God, the royal family might have to put in the DVD's themselves, as if they  were regular old peons !!! Totally unacceptable. THEY ARE ELITES, for gosh-sakes. And what about Obama's dog handler (salary $100K) ? Who will walk Bo ? What is this, Somalia ? Obama needs his $1.4 billion per year  in taxpayer-funded perks, people !!!

Senate Democrats were so worried about today's pending Armaggedon that...they took yesterday off. In fairness, they probably all fainted from exhaustion after so much posturing and mugging for the cameras last week. That has to be tiring.

Maybe I could take this Armaggedon more seriously had it not been for all the other Armaggedons we've faced since Pres. Carter made this playing chicken game routine in 1980.

If worse comes to worse and no CR agreement is reached, the President can always have the Treasury print another trillion in bonds and sell them to the Federal Reserve for more cash, or just cut out the middle man and have the Feds print up a new batch of money. That's how we've done things for the last five years of Total Economic Fantasyland. Why stop now ? It sure beats the prospect of Michelle and the kids running around the White House lawn with pooper scoopers.

Armaggedon or not, don't forget to watch NBC's The Blacklist tonight at 10pm !!! It's FAN-tastic (no wait, that's basketball, or football. Who can remember ?).

Hey, wait a minute. There was never a TV show called The BLACKlist before Obama became President. Hmmm. We know racist code words when we hear them, right liberals ? Can I get a shout out ? Let's boycott NBC/MSNBC, change the channel, and watch Hostages on CBS instead. You know, Hostages, like the ones the Republicans are taking. Oh, yeah !!!