The Bascule Brewery and Public House is open for business.

The Lorain brewpub announced Tuesday (Aug. 7) on its Facebook page that it has received an occupancy permit allowing it to open its tasting room.

"As of 11 am August 7th, thanks to the wonderful support from the city of Lorain, Bascule Brewery and Public House has been granted an occupancy permit, allowing us to be a FULLY open brewpub, with a very appropriate occupancy of 60 people," the brewery wrote. "Now some of you may not have read past that last line. For the rest of you, we were not expecting to be granted approval today, so.. Please standby as we make the necessary adjustments to our times, and the necessary beer, to accommodate you. Thank you to you all, have a happy BrewFest and .......... RAISE THE BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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